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This Week's (05/23/2016) Drop-In Times

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10-11am 10-11am 10-11am
12-1pm 12-1pm 12-1pm 12-1pm 12-1pm J
6-7 Stretch $10
6:30-7:30 6:30-7:30
7:30-8:30 7:30-8:30
Kick & Punch
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Listed are "drop-in"* workout times for this week. However, we can schedule a workout for just about anytime you need it.

For today's updated drop in times or more info feel free to call us at: (303) 274-2186

*(workout with a personal trainer in a group setting)
Group Workout with DC
Group Workout with Emi

Directions to High Road Gym

High Road Gym is at:
835 N. Wadsworth Blvd
Lakewood, CO 80214

0.5 miles north of 6th Ave. on the west side of the street. Look for a scary red building next to the Praying Mantis Tattoo shop, and across the street from Big Daddy's Pizza. To get to High Road Gym, take West 6th Ave. to Wadsworth Blvd. Exit from 6th onto Wadsworth heading north. As you come onto Wadsworth stay in the left lane (West side of the street - towards the mountains). Proceed north on Wadsworth for about half a mile, and left turn into the parking lot. You're starting to get real warm! Welcome to High Road.

Look for the giant GYM sign on Wadsworth Blvd


Click the blue links to pay online
Open Gym (24x7 access)
 1 Day$5
 Monthly - Auto Pay$18
 1 Month$30
 1 Month, 2 People$36
 1 Year$200
 2 Years$300
 2 People, 1 Year$300
Guided Workouts
 1 Workout$15
 1 Month$50
 *Monthly - Auto Pay$38
 *1 Year$400
     *(Includes Open Gym)

Custom Time Guided Workouts
 1 Workout$18
 10 Workouts$150
One-on-One Workouts
 ½ Hour Workout$25
 1 Hour Workout$50
 10 Workouts$400
Two-on-One Workouts
 1 Workout$60
 10 Workouts$500
Travelling Workouts
 1 Workout$60
 10 Workouts$500

Open Gym
Open Gym is you using the gym on your own. Come and go as you please, 24x7x365

Guided Workout
Guided workouts give you the perfect combination of individualized workouts with the reasonable rates that small groups provide. You get a personalized workout with a trainer in a small group setting.

Custom Time Guided Workout
Purchase 10 guided workouts at $150 and you can name your time. Give us 48 hours notice and we will schedule a guided workout for any time you need it (no cancel, no reschedule).

One/Two-on-One Workout
One (or two) on One workouts offer the best way to get a new fitness program started or to reach the ultimate in personal training. Over the years clients have participated in:
- Strength training
- Interval cardio training
- Yoga/ core strength/ balance training
- Kick & punch training
- Fit ball training

Travelling Workout
Price of gas got you down? Got a crew that needs to get moving? High Road has trained at homes offices, hospitals and police stations. We can work with your equipment or if not High Road can usually provide the needed equipment. On the road, High Road has done weight lifting, yoga, calisthenics, kick & punch routines and even inline hockey workouts. And here's the best part, you can include as many people as you like all at the same price.


Kick & Punch
If you've got a boss or an Ex boyfriend this class is for you! Pre-pay & give us 48 hours notice & you can schedule this class for any time you like.

Basic Stretch with Emi is a moderate class. If you're looking to find a class to help you get back into the groove or you're looking for a class that makes you feel better than when you came, this is your class. Small classes of between two and four people allow Emi to help you with your specific needs.